Spare Parts

A well maintained top-quality air tool will have a very long service life and we can source over 7,000 original spare parts for your Universal Air Tools and AIRCAT Pneumatic Tools. Whether you just need a new set of rotor blades and a gasket or a whole motor assembly we can help. Legacy spare parts for discontinued models are also available.

  • Spare parts are sold individually e.g. if your tool requires 6 Rotor Blades, please order 6 pieces.
  • Most spare parts are available from stock for next day delivery.
  • Shipping in the UK is just £7.95 for spare parts.

If you know the part numbers that you need, please contact sales@toolstomorrow.co.uk for a quote. If you don't know the part numbers that's no problem - just let us know the tool model number and we'll find them for you!

Service Kits

We can create a service kit for any Universal Air Tool or AIRCAT model. These would typically include new rotor blades (vanes), seals, gaskets and O-rings. Simply contact us with your requirements.